360. Theme 130 ~Hands~

So, Santa brought me a wonderful computer virus for Christmas!  I can’t access any programs or applications, including Photoshop : (   and it’s hit or miss if and when I can post.  Luckily I can get on the internet using Firefox but windows and IE are shot. And with only 5 days left for goodness sake!!!  If I have signed and processed photos, I’ll post them if my computer will let me.  It’s going in to be fixed on Monday….hopefully it’s not that complicated. Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

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66. Theme 194 ~Nails~

….or more specifically, nail art.  Here’s a small sampling of the nail designs that are available at the salon I frequent.  I believe they’re air brushed on and certainly are eye-catching, but I think it takes a very self-confident person to wear them!


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