63. Theme 227 ~Past Its Prime~

Another exhibit from the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of  New Jersey.  Here’s the link. This is a Mohawk OV-1A .  It was used as a forward air observation plane during the Vietnam War.  Basically, it was a spy plane!  It would look in particular areas and then send or bring the information back to the base.  It’s exterior is presently being restored and should be completed by this summer.  Click on the picture to see the details…..Past It's Prime


42. Theme 64 ~Controls~

These are the cockpit controls of the last Martin 202 airliner in the world. It is on display at the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey located in Teterboro, next to Teterboro Airport.   HERE is a link to the Museum.  This particular aircraft was sometimes used as a tour plane chartered by Herman’s Hermits and Eric Burden & the Animals, popular English bands of the 1960’s.  It is now an outdoor museum exhibit which visitors are permitted to board and tour.  I’m sure Captain Sully’s cockpit looked a lot different than this!