66. Theme 194 ~Nails~

….or more specifically, nail art.  Here’s a small sampling of the nail designs that are available at the salon I frequent.  I believe they’re air brushed on and certainly are eye-catching, but I think it takes a very self-confident person to wear them!


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  1. holy doodle! I never knew there were so many ones to pick from…what a fun photo!

  2. Fabulous image. I love the repeating shapes.

  3. I go to the nail salon regularly and see those brightly colored nails but never even thought about using them for the theme. How perfect!

  4. Which ones did you choose????? 😉

    I think this is a great shot for the theme and it could have been used for ‘paint or painted’ too….

  5. Lovely nails, and love the way they’re displayed.

  6. Great shot. I can’t imagine painting those nails all day! Last time I was home, I took my Mom to get her nails done. None of the women spoke English and one had a baby that was crying. At one point I ended up holding the baby! He was cute, but screaming. Mom didn’t get those nails but did get some pink polish!

  7. What a creative take on the theme! I’m glad I was never drawn to wanting those – too hard to handle the camera with claws like that – I’d rather spend the money on a new lense.

  8. Very colorful. Good take on the theme.

  9. Another Girl think right this stuff is spooky.

  10. Excellent photo and interpretation! Those nails are really impressive little works of art.

  11. Those are really cool and the photo is so bright and colorlful. I love it!

  12. It took me a minute to figure out what these were…really creative shot! Love this! I wish I was bold enough to wear these, I love them! I sometimes do it on my toes though!!

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