149. Theme 150 ~Holes~

This carpenter bee is building her nest by beginning to bore a hole in my trellis.  You can’t really tell by this shot, but carpenter bees are VERY large and look quite menacing, but they’re harmless to humans and other creatures, and feed on pollen & nectar.


Time for a nectar break!


carpenter bee

She’s almost done!


This is a completed entrance hole.  Amazing, isn’t it?  A perfect circle.  It’s not from the busy bee above, I didn’t want to wait that long!  This belongs to one of the other bees.  I think it’s in there and if you look closely, you can just about see part of it. Anyway, there are several holes like this in the trellis.


And they all lived happily ever after.

:  )

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138. Theme 151 ~Home Is Where the Heart Is~

A pair of house wrens now call this home. (And what a deal they got!)

Home Is Where the Heart Is

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