63. Theme 227 ~Past Its Prime~

Another exhibit from the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of  New Jersey.  Here’s the link. This is a Mohawk OV-1A .  It was used as a forward air observation plane during the Vietnam War.  Basically, it was a spy plane!  It would look in particular areas and then send or bring the information back to the base.  It’s exterior is presently being restored and should be completed by this summer.  Click on the picture to see the details…..Past It's Prime


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  1. I find these historical aircraft really interesting. It must be very emotional for the airmen who flew them in times of conflict to see the restored versions. Great shot, Madelaine – the angle makes it look quite imposing.

  2. Nice shot and great detail.

  3. Cool shot! Nice that it’s getting restored, loooks like a big job.

  4. I like the composition and colors in this photograph. Thanks for the history.

  5. Wow, so perfect for the theme, and love the perspective of the image! Nice work!

  6. Much like many of us, superannuated well ahead of it’s time, that’s the trouble with youth, it’s wasted on the young.

  7. A perfect interpretation of the theme. I like this!

  8. Nice shot. Love the angle and colors.

  9. My DH will love this photo! He flew a lot when in the Navy. He knows planes inside out as he worked on the engines as well. Nice photo.

  10. Very interesting story and picture, good details. Planes are amazing. If you like planes you would love the Museum at Dulles Airport near DC, space shuttle and all.

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