365. My Own Theme 48 ~Pathway~

I’m imagining this pathway leads to the beginning of a fabulous, creative photo journey through 2010.

Congratulations to everyone who began the Challenge and to those who completed the Challenge.  It was a  laborious undertaking and just beginning it was a significant accomplishment.

I’ve learned so much this past year and want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments.  I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s awesome postings each day even though I wasn’t able to comment on them toward the end.  It was evident how far everyone came in their photography.  I’ve ‘met’ so many kind and generous people and think how fortunate I was to have been able to interact with all of you.

I’m looking forward to our new, less stressful  challenge.

Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and a wonderful walk through 2010!


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  1. Ain’t That a Shame

  2. Hey there, well here’s to the new year and new images. I like the pathway, its seems like it would be a good painting. Do you paint or draw? I am thinking of sketching some of the pictures I take, I need to practice more.

  3. Congratulations, Madelaine. You did it! I have enjoyed your images this year, and I am looking forward to continuing our blogging and friendship next year.

  4. Congratulations on completing the challenge–next year should be fun!

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