149. Theme 150 ~Holes~

This carpenter bee is building her nest by beginning to bore a hole in my trellis.  You can’t really tell by this shot, but carpenter bees are VERY large and look quite menacing, but they’re harmless to humans and other creatures, and feed on pollen & nectar.


Time for a nectar break!


carpenter bee

She’s almost done!


This is a completed entrance hole.  Amazing, isn’t it?  A perfect circle.  It’s not from the busy bee above, I didn’t want to wait that long!  This belongs to one of the other bees.  I think it’s in there and if you look closely, you can just about see part of it. Anyway, there are several holes like this in the trellis.


And they all lived happily ever after.

:  )

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  1. Carpenter bees or Woodpecker bees? Very impressive work—by you and the bees!

  2. Yes, now I have seen your bi and it was a nice series of shots you have here. I liked the third picture best. What shutter speed were you there? I managed to catch a bee in the picture that you can see under my last post “Up on Top”
    See you!

  3. This is a fabulous series!! I learned something new, I never knew there were carpenter bees. You captured the entire process of their “new construction” beautifully. The bee in mid air is an incredible shot.

  4. Wow great mid-air shot! Nice life study.

  5. This is a fascinating and well-photographed little series. The mid-air shot is great. Were you playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” as you composed your post? 😀

  6. I love this series too, especially the mid air shot.

  7. You say harmless to humans, i wouldn’t be so sure, old sailors with wooden legs better watch out, or Bee-Hive themselves. Terrific series of shots, never heard of these.

  8. Madelaine, these pictures are fantastic. The detail and color is marvelous. The bee in mid-air is stunning.

  9. I agree with Tammy – this is a great series of shots!

  10. What a great series of shots! i can’t believe you got that bee as well as you did – I love the one of the bee flying! Great storyboard (and I love happy endings)!

    • The trellis is right above the garage door, so every time I go in or out….they’re there!

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