********The Yankees are Back******** 2009 American League Champions!

We’re going to the World Series!   Woo woo!!!!

In the Fall Classic once again!


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  1. We’re back where we belong!

  2. I’m not a baseball fan, but my Dad is the biggest anti-Yankee fan I’ve ever known. Brooklyn Dodgers were his thing. Anyway, I’m happy for you … is their main color really pink???

    • No, not pink! lol The insignia is dark blue. I felt pinkish last night! ; )
      I have a good friend who LOVED the Brooklyn Dodgers and hates the Yanks. We went on a tour of the old Yankee Stadium before it was torn down and he had the nerve to wear a Dodgers shirt! lol Needless to say, he got booed! Poor guy! LOL

  3. I didn’t see that in the cricket results.

  4. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!

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