243. Theme 8 ~Adolescence~


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  1. Makes me smile… little do they know- they are all somebody’s “babies”… hahaha

  2. Classic!

  3. Yep, Please keep a copy for each of them and give it in 20 years, see their reaction, I used to wear stove pipe trousers, and have a Fonzie Haircut, – I had Hair at their age, Youth wasted on the young LOL Love the theme shot.

  4. You nailed the theme and definitely caught the fads of the today generation!

  5. Oh my! You really captured it all…the hair, the pierced lip, the baggy pants. The only thing I can really relate to is the Led Zeppelin t-shirt. I think I saw them in 1971. Or maybe it was ’72…too long ago to be sure. Your processing is perfect for this shot.

  6. That’s what I see in my dictionary under the word! Great shot and I love the hints of smiles.

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