232. Theme 153 ~How About This Weather?~

This photo was taken through a window screen Tuesday evening at about 10:30 during a wicked thunderstorm.  There was no way I was going out there!

How About This Weather

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  1. LOL – too funny! I’m glad I tracked back on your blog to see this. He’s saying “Let me in!!!” Dare I say “Great Photoshopping!” ???

  2. I almost believed it!! You are so funny!!

  3. Nice adding the rodent, that is one ominous sky, hope you didn’t get storm damage.

  4. Too funny with the squirrel!! The sky in this picture is scary-awesome. Glad you weren’t out in it!

  5. Too cute!! I just became a fan of the Banff Crasher Squirrel on Facebook.

  6. I recognized this immediately! Cute idea – wanted to see if we were paying attention, huh?

  7. Maybe “Crasher Squirrel” can be a theme for 2010’s Project?!

    Seriously though- growing up as a kid we had a squirrel that lived in our yard and we’d leave little treats him for in the mornings. He got so used to getting his treats that if we forgot to put something out he’d jump up on the kitchen window sill and knock on the window. We called hinm “Mr. Squirrel.”

  8. Very funny, Madelaine! (I saw the other photo on the news and I don’t believe it’s photoshopped.) We’ve had some of those wicked storms lately, too. It’s never easy to catch the lightning, especially through the window! It makes a dramatic backdrop for your little friend.

  9. LOL, I actually saw this on one of the morning shows yesterday, dah, and I didn’t even connect the two! Like I always say “YOU ARE GOOD”!!!

  10. But it looked like that cutie really wanted to come in! He is saying “PLEEEEEAAAAAZZZZ” nicely! 🙂 Awesome catch!

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