204. Theme 54 ~Closed~

For some reason known only to him, Benjamin has his eyes closed.  But then he is a little weird!


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  1. Benji is very photogenic. Who knew!

  2. I think he just wants to be inscrutable. What a cutie!

  3. What a cutie!

  4. Love the bandana. Great shot and good processing. I’ve taken my dog’s picture so much that he actually poses for me now.

  5. Maybe he doesnt like what he sees? (the camera that is ;o) My father in law has a dog that always walks away if I come to close with the camera.. Like a Diva!!

  6. He is ready for his nap and then you bring your camera out! My mom & dad’s dog closes his eyes everytime I aim a camera at him! Too funny! What a cutie!

  7. Have you had his eyes checked? We had a Shih-Tzu whose eyesight went bad. Started bumping into things. Took him to the vet. He had ulcerated cataracts. The vet showed me. It looked like he had the grand canyon running through his eyes. No wonder he couldn’t see. Maybe your Benjamin is just starting to have problems. Perhaps the light hurts his eyes.

    Vet said this happens to small dogs because of too much ash in their dry dog food. Look for a dog food that does not have ash. Better yet, find one that has a high meat formula.

    • Thanks Iona! I had him to the vet not too long ago and he’s ok. I think he may not be ready for his close-up yet! Usually, he doesn’t look at me when I want to take his photo but this was the first time he actually closed his eyes. Like I said….weird! lol

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