198. Theme 211 ~Oops!~

This accident happened yesterday morning while I was out walking Benjamin.  Amazingly, the driver (a 19 year old local man) actually crawled out of the window unhurt except for a few cuts!  It turned out he only needed 20 stitches….a couple here…a couple there and was hanging out with his buds by the afternoon. It was caused by a van driver going the wrong way on a one way street.  Two things…..I still can’t believe he walked away from it & bring your camera EVERYWHERE!  OK, three things….make sure you’re going the right way on a one way.


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  1. Wow! I think I would have forgotten I had my camera with me! Nice in the moment shot.

  2. This shot makes me cringe! Well captured.

  3. Oh my gosh. He was a lucky bugger. Great shot anyway.

  4. it is truly amazing the driver walked away.

  5. Yipes! Lucky he was OK and that you keep your camera with you.

  6. Amazing!

  7. Oh my gosh, he is so lucky that he is alright. Yep…you gotta bring your camera everywhere!!

  8. That’s a big oops! The driver sure was lucky to survive with just a few stitches!

  9. Take the camera everywhere. I did that today, but forgot the CF card.
    To flip the car like that they had to be going pretty fast.

    • I’ve done THAT before!!!! lol

  10. Oooops!! A very good picture to the theme. I like it.
    Have a nice week too
    See you

  11. Amazing he didnt hurt himself more!

  12. I was just parking it officer and my foot slipped duh!

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