169. Theme 3 ~A Movie Title~

Hmmm…..any ideas?

A Movie Title

Published in: on June 18, 2009 at 6:00 AM  Comments (14)  

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  1. Well I’m really late but I thought Rear Window. Very cool shot and processing, a glowing view from that window.

  2. I’m late to the party, but I was thinking “A Room With A View” before I opened the comments. Amazed that I was right – I rarely watch movies so I’m always at a loss on these. It is a great view from that room!

  3. Have to say I’m happy I found the answer here, so I didn’t have to think about that all night. 😉

    Awesome picture!

  4. Ladies & Gentlemen, may we have a drum roll please……..
    It’s “A Room with a View”. KarenB, you were so close!!!

  5. you find some of the best locations.

  6. I was going to guess Rear Window, but see that’s wrong. I’ll go out on a limb (no pun intended…) and say that this is Sherwood Forest, so the movie is (wait for it….) Robin Hood! 😀

  7. I like the secret garden too! great picture whatever. I especially like the framing of the shot through the door (or is it a window?)

    • It’s a window, Barb.

  8. The secret Garden, looks magical enough.

    • Nope….I like the way you think though!

  9. “Rear Window”?

    • No, but a good guess!

  10. Not a clue.. but I love the photo, especially the view from inside the dark, cool room.

  11. The Cave?? Looks kinda spooky to me!

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