160. Theme 203 ~Numbers~


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  1. Those look like fun! Love the large numbers in the playground.

  2. so cool! a few more sets together and we can play outdoor Sudoku!

  3. How fun! I like how you filled the frame with just the numbers, I guessed they were for play..

  4. Wonderful picture for the theme. Great color and composition.

  5. A wonderfully bold shot – I love how the theme is so front and center in your face with this photo.

  6. Good eye! I see those things all the time on playgrounds and it’s never hit me that they would be great for the blog theme! I like the wya you pulled in close on it too.

  7. I was puzzled by the numbers, then thought they must be in a play yard. But you have taken the shot from behind…3,2,1??? It must be confusing for little ones learning to read and count from left to right.

    • Esther, I did take it from behind but the numbers spin around too.

  8. I like the bright numbers set against the backdrop, but sorry. Don’t have anything witty to say about them. 😦

  9. Where’s you find this? Very cool!

    • They’re on a playground Vicki.

  10. Almost like a Tibetan Prayer wheel, great theme shot.

  11. Great photo for the theme. I like the colors and the contrast. Those numbers certainly pop out at you.

  12. Oh, that is excellent for the theme! Great color and composition.

    I must say, despite my kids’ natural proclivity for math, they never bothered with those things when we went to the park. Too much ACTIVE fun to be had…

  13. This is too fun! Great colors, those numbers just pop out at you!

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