154. Theme 233 ~Photographer~

I was fortunate enough recently to attend a lecture and slide show given by George Tice. According to the Getty Museum, Mr. Tice is “one of the best known fine-art photographers in the nation. His prints are in many museums including the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum, where he had a one-man show in 1972.”  While he was giving his lecture, I snapped this photo of him looking at a slide of himself taken 40 years ago.  Mr. Tice completed his latest book, Paterson II, in 2006, which is a sequel to Paterson, published in 1972. He said his favorite photo of his Paterson series is  Joe’s Barbershop.

George Tice


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  1. Perfection!

  2. You aced the timing on this and as Julie said it must have been tricky light. I thank you for the link too, some of his work is familiar.

  3. You clicked the shutter at the opportune time and got a great photograph. The lecture sounds like it would be awesome. I can see why Joe’s Barber Shop is his favorite.

  4. Impressive.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity you had! This sort of reminds me of that Saturday Evening Post cover of Rockwell painting Rockwell. I agree with Julie – black and white is perfect for this shot and you’ve caught him looking very pensively at himself! Well done!

  6. Your image is really well done, even with what must have been challenging conditions. I like how the projected slide is the main subject and the artist as onlooker is shadowed a bit. Perfect for black & white, too. Boy is his work impressive! Thanks for sharing the link.

  7. I bet you thouroughly enjoyed this lecture – I know I would! Very cool picture of his work!!

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