135. Theme 195 ~National Pride~

The bald eagle was chosen as the emblem of the United States because it symbolized courage and might.  The national seal depicts the bald eagle with its wings spread, claws clutching an olive branch.  This particular eagle is on a WWI monument, which may explain the stylized representation.

National Pride

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  1. What a beautiful bronze – you’ve really captured the magnificence.

  2. But doesn’t the eagle look angry! I wonder why they use this angry looking eagle on a lot of things. Great detail in your photo though!

  3. Great photograph with wonderful detail and textures. Very interesting.

  4. Beautifully treated.

  5. Great photo! The detail and color are wonderful.

  6. Nice catch. You caught that old metal look perfectly

  7. Beautifully captured, Madelaine. Like Tammy said, the color detail and color is wonderful. It’s neat to see all the different ways the national symbol is represented.

  8. What a beautiful piece! I love all the intricate details and colors in him!

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