131. Theme 148 ~Historic~



The monument to Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton Park, Weehawken, NJ.

Alexander Hamilton

It is said that Aaron Burr’s second wife, Eliza Jumel Burr, a former prostitute, killed her husband, Stephen Jumel, to marry Aaron Burr.  Their mansion  is now the Morris-Jumel Museum (the oldest house in New York City) and is known as the Haunted Mansion of  Harlem. George Washington used this house as his headquarters in 1776.  HERE is some fascinating information about it. (The ghost of Aaron Burr, among others, has been reported as being seen there) and HERE is a link to the museum.

Some of this information left me shaking my head!


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  1. The whole concept of duelling to protect one’s honor seems so strange. Yet if you think about it, that’s what today’s gang wars on, just on a different level. Great shots and interesting history!

  2. Interesting history. Great photos.

  3. Don’t hang about go and photo Aaron’s ghost, Poste Haste

  4. Very interesting history. Your shots are great.

  5. You don’t know how sidetracked I just got by your links! 😉 Fascinating stuff. I like the perspective you took on the bust of Hamilton and that wonderful sky adds so much.

  6. Great pictures and thanks for the history – this is fun!!

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