120. Theme 358 ~What’s Inside?~

Edit 3/18/13 – Gloria Crest is for sale……take a look!

GLORIA CREST is inside. This is the main entrance.  The present owners have restored it to it’s original splendor & have not removed the GLORIA CREST plaque. They open their home to host benefits for different charities and fund-raisers several times a year.

What's Inside?


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  1. Would like to know if you have any photo’s of the inside of Gloria Crest?

    • No I don’t, sorry.

  2. Gorgeous! Looks (and is named) like something out of a Danielle Steele novel (not that I’d know…)

  3. Looks like you were there on a perfect day – I love a sky like that for photography. It sure looks like a gorgeous estate…

  4. A very pretty picture. It looks very inviting.

  5. What a cool composition – love how the gate frames the house! Beautiful!

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