114. Theme 356 ~What Am I?~

I have no idea what it is, so if anyone does know, please tell me!

What Am I

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  1. not sure, but it does look a little Dr. Seuss’ish! Perhaps it’ll clean your whole house when you aren’t looking? : )

  2. Oh, now I see what it is. The label is on the end. It is an early version of an mp3 player.

  3. Just wait til Ron sees this! Val, sounded like you knew something! I don’t have a clue, but you got a great shot of whatever it is.

  4. That’s Ron’s bootleg still for making his own brand of Wild Turkey! He figured out you can hide in in plain sight and no one will ever notice.

  5. Don’t know either, but it is certainly green! 😀

  6. You had me going for awhile Val! So far, it’s a mystery!

  7. I’ve no idea, fun shot though. And more odd ‘possibly related posts’ from WP.

  8. Are those railroad tracks in the background? If so, then it’s a Sam Elke Retrofit Steam Supplier. It was used to refill old steam engine locomotives. Water went in one pipe (on the left) was heated in the holding tanks, and steam came out the pipe on the right, which was attached via hose to the locomotive.

    (I am TOTALLY making this up…) Looking forward to finding out what it really is!

  9. It’s an interesting looking thing. Hope someone comes up with an identification for you….

  10. I have no idea, but it has a lovely colour and it stands out so beautifully against the background. Well spotted. 🙂

  11. A green thingy?? LOL Not an idea but it is big and green!

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