112. Theme 41 ~Canine Companions~

I was driving along and did a triple take when I saw this.  Of course I had to turn around and check it out.  I didn’t know which was more fascinating, the dog or the motorcycle!  Anyway, this is Hazel.  She’s waiting very patiently (as was I- lol) for her owner to come out of the store he’s in.  When he finally did come out, I asked him if she always waits for him like this and he said she does!  Now that’s one loyal canine companion!

Canine Companions

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  1. No wonder you turned around for another look… Incredible find for this them. Hazel, huh….wonder how people come up with names for animals….

  2. Great – now my dog wants a side car! This is so fabulous…

  3. Adorable – and so great that she’s leaning around the windshield so you get a clear shot of her face – quite the diva!

  4. Oh, Madelaine! This is such a cute shot!! I love it – and Hazel too! In fact, I love the name Hazel!!

  5. This photo of Hazel is fantastic! How cool that she sits and waits for her human companion!

  6. And Hazel would likely take your arm off if you tried to touch the bike! lol That is probably why Hazel is left in the side-car. No one is going to bother it. Nice find, great shot. Grand colors and nice doggie! lol

  7. Very nice shot – and Hazel looks like a terrific companion, too.

  8. Very impressive and a very good model for photography as well. Great shot.

  9. I bet Hazel gets a lot of attention from passersby while she awaits her human companion. What a great shot for the theme!

  10. Very loyal friend – and what a shot! I love this- looks like Hazel is posing for you!

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