109. Theme 234 ~Pink~

This house is included on the register of  Historic Places in our county.  A few years ago, the owners restored this Victorian to its original condition.  They chose the color pink because that was one of the most popular colors of the era, and in such a straight laced society……go figure!


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  1. An amazingly PINK house! Good find.

  2. Now that’s a pink house, very pretty!

  3. Cotton candy! It looks like a fairy tale house.

  4. I love this pink house. It is a great house! Great shot.

  5. Interesting about the popularity of pink for Victorian-era homes. Bottom of the list today, I’m sure. Your processing is lovely….

  6. Kudos the them for the restoration work. And, yep, it sure is PINK! Nicely done.

  7. Beautiful old home. Does a Mary Kay cosmetics rep live here? 😀

  8. I’m surprised to hear it was one of the most popular colors! Nice photo and processing.

  9. Great shot and processing! I think I’ve heard that pink was popular because the tints were cheaper (red lead maybe?)

  10. Only one question – Why?????

  11. good to know about the colour…I just took a pic of a similar place here (on primary blog for Apr 9 if you’re interested) and wondered WHY PINK??? I, like the ladies above, so would not have chosen pink either! They do make for marvelous photos though, don’t they?

  12. Have to echo Vicki’s statement. I would have gone for anything but pink! But Old Houses (like Old Barns) have that special something that nothing else seems to have. Character, I would expect. Nice find and nice shot.

    Thanks for stopping by my recent posts (lots of them! :D) and your generous comments.

  13. I love Victorian houses for their architecture,but I can’t say the same color choices. Nice shot though!

  14. What a wonderful image, love the Victorian house, the effect, and yes, the color PINK!! This is awesome!

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