105. Theme 80 ~Drive Thru or Take Out~

Was I the only one to be surprised at this?

Drive Thru

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  1. HDR or Topaz? Nice work.

  2. I love the processing too, i was surprised to see these. A long time ago I saw a drive-thru liquor store in Louisiana. Bobbie- Braille?

  3. this was a first for me! really??? I like your processing on this one too!

  4. Nothing tasty comes out of that drive-thru! Or cheap, either. I love your treatment on this one!

  5. No wonder so many Americans are obese – we rarely move under our own power these days! Nice processing on this shot.

  6. I had to do a double take as this looks just like one in our area….have used them in the past – convenient. Nice photo.

  7. I love ’em. So convenient.

  8. I love your processing here The photo was great to start with too. What did you do in post processing?

  9. Bobbie = LOL at your comment! Good thought!

    Like the processing on this. These have been in northern IL for years at Walgreens. Never used them, but they sure would seem handy for a rainy or snowy night!

  10. Nice postprocessing. Our lives are made so easy by not even having to get out of the car!!

  11. What surprises me about our drive through pharmacy is that there are instructions under the window in Braille. WHY?

  12. This is the kinda stuff we want, I can’t wait to see a photo of the drive thru taxidermist they have in Los Angles or SF. Great Take, Aussie is so boring on this stuff.

  13. Nice processing on your photo. We have several drive through pharmacies in this area.

  14. We just started getting those in our area – great effect on the image!!

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