92. Theme 92 ~Famous Authors~

Yes, she’s an author too!  Here she is signing copies of her autobiography “Cloris” which was just released yesterday.

If you’ve ever seen Cloris Leachman in Mel Brooks’ films “Young Frankenstein” or “High Anxiety” or on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars,”  you’ll know how hilarious she is on screen.  Well, she’s even more hilarious in person.  Making everyone laugh and mugging for the camera…all in all just a really funny and nice person.

Here’s  Cloris’ IMDB page if you’d like to check out the other two hundred or so parts she’s played.  She’s 82!  Can you believe it?  IMHO she’s fabulous!

Cloris Leachman


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  1. Wow! You actually got a real live author. I agree with Julie – you’ve really raised the bar fro the theme. 😉
    She looks like a hoot, too.

  2. Lucky you! Great candid. She is amazing and you have indeed aced this theme.

  3. Wow, you managed so well with this theme. A real author… Great! 🙂
    I do not know who she is, but think it is amazing that she is 82 and just released a book.

  4. I have always loved her. She is great. How dare you get a real author. What am I going to do now??? Great picture. I love it

  5. Astounding is all I can say!

  6. Marvellous portrait! I totally captures her personality.
    PS 82? No way!

  7. Great capture! I love her expression. And you have raised the bar for us all!

  8. She is definitely FABULOUS…and HILARIOUS. I laughed so much hearing her during Comedy Central’s Bob Saget Roast. She’s a lovely lady…a real firecracker too! : )

  9. Wow! You may end up with the best post for this theme! It’s a wonderful candid shot of a talented and fun woman.

  10. You actually got a REAL author! That is setting the bar pretty high for those of us who haven’t done this theme yet! 😉

    I remember her mostly from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. This is a wonderful candid portrait. Boy, I hope to look half that good when I’m 82!

  11. Oh this is fun! Too bad she wouldn’t give a dancing demo!! 🙂 Great take!

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