89. Theme 333 ~Tower~

This cell tower sits atop one of the fire departments in a neighboring town. Can you say U-G-L-Y?  


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  1. It bothers me that you can’t even have a pretty mountain horizon these days with a bunch of towers sitting on the mountainside.

  2. I say…stick some limbs on it and call it a giant redwood! What a distraction from that lovely blue sky and the budding trees. Nice shot of an eyesore of a subject!

  3. Alrighty then, I think you made a very cool image of a tower that is not overly attractive. I usually look for osprey or eagle nests in them.

  4. Lets put it in perspective. Okay? If this was a “tinker toy” or some erector set and your young son built something that looked like this, you would deem him very talented Further, anyone you could get to stand still for 10 seconds would be shown your wonderfully talented son’s handiwork, now wouldn’t you? 😀 I don’t think it ugly at all. No more than utility lines, or train tracks running through a city, or garbage trucks, or . . . etc.
    We have a certain life style that must be managed. Garbage trucks are a necessity. If they didn’t run, we’d all be complaining. Same with this tower, which is a testament to how far civilization has come. I think it is a beaut, and you did it justice.

  5. Your shot does give it some much nicer company.

  6. Ugly, perhaps. Interesting shot, YES!

  7. I think you’ve made a pretty shot of a modern atrocity! I could easily go back to living without cell phones….

  8. Nice picture though. I agree – the cell towers are all ugly. But what would we do without our cell phones and satellite links?

  9. Actually you have made it quite interesting (kinda cool with the bare trees behind it )! all those lines are wonderful!

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