87. Theme 351 ~Warnings~

There’s a Do Not Pass sign behind the Warning sign!  I think they’ve covered just about everything.


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  1. I love this! Such a funny collection of warning signs, and your processing is wonderful!

  2. This is great fun, and along with the signs I like the curve in the road and the placid looking houses to the side.

  3. That’s definitely one of those “Don’t go there” roads. Funny photo.

  4. Made me laugh, because I think the same thing all the time! Good capture!

  5. They left out one sign…Extreme danger reading these signs while driving!!


  7. U turn permitted? LOL

  8. Great warning theme. I think I’d avoid that road in the end:-)

  9. Wonderful shot! Think I might be looking for away to turn around.

  10. Great find! I really like the tones of the image, the nice curve of the road, and the lovely sky!

  11. Any accidents are probably a result of being distracted trying to read all the signs, not from the tight narrow curve! A really good catch – perfect for the theme.

  12. Too funny! Do you really want to drive here?

  13. So many warnings in one spot – are you sure you didn’t ask them to set this image up for you? LOL

  14. They didn;t ask if you had turned off the stove, do you want to go back? LOL

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