83. Theme 107 ~Footwear~

Admittedly, I had to dig these out from the back of the closet…..I  haven’t worn them in awhile……


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  1. Great shot of great shoes. Now that spring is here, you’ll have to get them on again:-)

  2. The lighting really makes this shot.

  3. The lighting really makes this shot!

  4. now they’re out and ready for a night on the town! *grin* photo turned out fab!

  5. What they said!!! 😉 Well done in every way.

  6. Perfect set-up, especially the mirror! Excellent composition.

  7. I absolutely adore the perspective on this photo. It’s simply gorgeous!!

  8. Great DOF and the reflecion of the shoes is wonderful. Great composition.

  9. Great composition. I love the shoes on the mirror with the reflection. My feet hurt looking at these!!

  10. My daughter would love those shoes! It’s quite a sophisticated presentation–right in synch with the shoes themselves.

  11. Nice set up – these look elegant (though maybe not the most comfortable…)

  12. Very elegant shot! Could be in a magazine!

  13. This is so lovely, Madelaine! Simply a wonderful job of photographing these shoes. This one really makes my day……..

  14. Good picture and angle. I really like the reflection. And some people wear these every day?!?

  15. This is a great exposure. I like the way the blue on the heel tip is echoed on the, what? mirror edge? on the far side. The mirror gives it some depth.

    I’m glad you haven’t worn them in a while. As I started viewing this photo, the thought ran through my mind: What kind of torture is the shoe industry intent upon subjecting today’s woman? I gave up high heels a long time ago opting for comfort, instead. I do have a dress pair of shoes that have about an inch and a half heel. But that is plenty! I seldom wear them.

  16. Too cute and what a great depth of field! Nice!

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