70. Theme 241 ~Private~

‘Nuff said!


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  1. hopefully private! : )

  2. LOL – you certainly hope they’re private because if the lock fails you’ve probably got a full audience outside! Perfect image for the theme.

  3. this one gave me a chuckle!

  4. Love the take on the theme. The blue is great. Wonderful image.

  5. Hilarious – love the blue!

  6. I HATE those things and avoid them like the plague! Ever been inside one when your co-workers thought it was funny to scare the @*%# out of you by rocking it until it almost falls over? Never again!!! Great shot of it, though, and I love your processing!

  7. A Private public convenience, a really necessary commodity.

  8. It never feels very private when you have to use one of those though, does it? Good idea for this theme and a neat effect……

  9. I love it!!

  10. Humorous way to depict the theme!

  11. Nice one. I saw one just yesterday on the highway where they were working and someone had turned it over. Funny but no for the ones who had to pick it up again, LOL. Great job.

  12. Love the effect you used here and love the image for the theme, so perfect!!

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