62. Theme 71 ~Curly~

Verrrrrrrrry Currrrrrrrrrly!Curly

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  1. very cool photo! great capture!

  2. Too bad they aren’t being used because they are really unique. The way they’re stacked makes it look like the two gates are becoming intertwined. Its a very interesting shot…

  3. Love this image. It is perfect for the theme.

  4. awesome photo what a great shot for the theme

  5. A wonderful shot and treatment, the color is so warm.

  6. Oh, that is too sad! They should have been used as they are really esquisite! And such an intricate design, too. Can you image the work involved in creating them, only to be cast aside in the end. 😦

  7. Yep, They are curly all right. And a bit rusted. But that only adds to their character. Great find. Too bad they are sitting unused, but then again, if they had been used they might have been spiffed up with a coat of paint and you would have missed out on a grand shot.

  8. Thank you everyone, it was a lucky find! It is one part of a pair that were going to be used as gates into a driveway. They never got installed and now are just sitting there rusting away. Too bad, they’re beautiful.

  9. Very good shot and artistic also. I said as Madelaine above, very curly ondeed.

  10. Super shot – love those curls!

  11. Madelaine, is this a gate? Very curly indeed.

  12. I love the colors and textures as well as the pattern.

  13. So delicate and curly…good shot for the theme!

  14. Absolutely curly!! Love the designs and colors.

  15. Curly and rusty and ornate….you have a choice of themes here. You did us proud on this one…

  16. Spot on for the theme and it draws the eye as well.

  17. That’s a beauty, Madelaine.

  18. Love those designs, Great shot, I found some good ones down in Savannah when I went there, all wrought iron.

  19. Wow, it’s amazing! I love it!

  20. Love the color and the texture in this very curly image! Very unusual fencing (or whatever).

  21. Very cool image, Madelaine – love all the repeating patterns and the color and texture you picked up! Nice!

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