61. Theme 215 ~Ornate~

Do you think he qualifies???Ornate

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  1. Oh I think you nailed it!

  2. Yikes! I wouldn’t be brave enough to tell him that he doesn’t! 😉

  3. Cool shot of the Fu Dog, and I’d say he qualifies as ornate.

    Where is he? Looks like it’s outside of a shop…?

  4. Hmm, he looks huge and ready to jump, nice photo.

  5. Ornate indeed! Nice shot, it really pops out.

  6. I would definately say ornate in a stylize manner – anyway you cut it it’s a nice photo.

  7. Definitely qualifies… and he’s actually kinda cute in a dragon-y way.

  8. Sorta restrained ornate, but definitely ornate. I thought at first it was going to be black and white. I like this tone just fine.

  9. Nicely ornate without being gaudy! Is he yours? 😉

  10. Don’t exactly know what he is, yet I think he qualifies. Look at those ears! Nice shot. Good for the theme too.

  11. He better qualify, or as one of our 70’s TV characters (Aunty Jack) would say he will jump out of this camera and rip ya bloody arms off- Lovely fellow Aunty jack and this New Year Lion Too.

  12. Not sure it’s exactly ornate but it’s a nice photograph!!

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