53. Theme 360 ~Who Put That There?~

Who Put That There?

Published in: on February 22, 2009 at 7:00 AM  Comments (15)  

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  1. Fantastic! You can ride it over to the PF pub…but don’t try to ride it afterwards! lol

  2. OMIG, can’t believe my eyes! What a great find this is. Great shot as well!

  3. lol betcha didn’t see that shot coming! great find

  4. This is a great photo. I love all of the different shades of white.

  5. Who put that there and just how long ago? Cool shot! This is such a fun theme.

  6. What a lovely old bike! Lovely photo. And, who did put it there? 🙂

  7. Great find. Great shot.

  8. Doesn’t that belong in the Penny Farthing Pub that Donna posted earlier?

    Great find, Madelaine. I love the tones you’ve processed this with.

  9. This is a great find. Now how about a ride?

  10. KarenB beat me to the comment! I would like to try riding one :-). I like the different textures.

  11. Great catch!! Love the photo.

  12. Imagine trying to ride this! It looks so delicate. Nice photo!

  13. I have NO idea who put it there!!!!

  14. A very old, very tall Englidhman, who else would ride a velocopede.

  15. What a great find! Who DID put that there? Any ideas?

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