51. Theme 188 ~Monuments or Memorials~

“Lou’s on First”  is the name of  this monument/memorial located in Paterson, NJ.  It was dedicated in June, 1992 as a tribute to their home town boy, Lou Costello.  For those not familiar with Abbott & Costello, (Bud Abbott was the other half of this comedy duo), check them out here.   Hey Abbott!!!!!!

Monuments or Memorials




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  1. I use to play here as a child, I remember when it was built.

  2. Great shot! And it seems that I am the first one who does not know who he was… He looks a bit like Hardy in Laurel and Hardy.

  3. as soon as I saw his face here I started laughing…and it will always make me laugh as I remember. Great tribute!

  4. It is a great shot, as Julie said like being at the feet of the master. I too think it is the best skit ever.

  5. Very clear, detailed image. Great light.

  6. What a fun skit! I haven’t seen that in ages. So nice that the community remembers this famous son with a wonderful statue like this. Your shot is terrific – I feel like I’m right there standing at his feet…

  7. That is the comedy classic. It’s nice to see such a light-hearted monument. Your perspective makes him larger than life – very nice!

  8. I love the angle you chose so it isolates the statue against the sky. Fun tribute too!

  9. I am with you that is the best comedy routine ever! What a great tribute and a great Photo as well as a wonderful find.

  10. Love it!! I watched all of the “Hey Abboooooooott” series. This brings back a lot of childhood memories.

  11. I love all the old Abbott and Costello movies! This is a great image – love all the detail and color you picked up!

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