46. Theme 201 ~Not Your Mother Tongue~

I have no idea what it says but it isn’t anything not PC.   What I do know is that it’s written in Gujarati which is not my mother tongue!   HERE is some info on the origin of Gujarati and its alphabet.


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  1. अच्छी ब्लॉग हे / आप की लेखनी पड़कर बहुत खुश हुवा / आप गुजराती मे टाइप करने केलिए कौनसी टाइपिंग टूल यूज़ करते हे ?
    रीसेंट्ली मैने यूज़र फ्रेंड्ली इंडियन लॅंग्वेज टाइपिंग टूल केलिए सर्च कर रहा ता, तो मूज़े मिला… ” क्विलपॅड “… आप भी ‘क्विलपॅड’ http://www.quillpad.in को यूज़ करते हे क्या…?

  2. Fascinating characters in that. Great idea for this challenging theme, Madelaine!

  3. Very creative idea for this theme! And a great shot, too!

  4. Great pic for the theme! The characters are so beautiful, looks like a beautiful lace when they are assembled into words.

  5. What a great idea for this theme.

  6. Super idea for this very difficult theme. Nicely photographed.

  7. Madelaine – really good idea for the theme, I still don’t know how I am going to do this one! Super!!

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