40. Theme 141 ~Hangs on a Wall~

This gargoyle is hanging on an outside wall of an apartment building in the Village.  Back in the 1920’s, it was a women’s residence hotel.  I wonder if  the gargoyle’s purpose was to scare away male visitors?   Hmmmm……..

Hangs on a Wall

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  1. The color really pops in this photo and the gargoyle is magnificent. Nice texture and DOF, too.

  2. Oh, wonderful image! I just love the texture and color and the angles of the walls behind the menacing creature…

  3. I love the shot and the color. I’m with Val- think it worked?

  4. Great image. Never knew what a gargoyle was. But you were probably correct in that it kept the young men, who were up to no good, away.

  5. Great picture – and funny comment! Wonder if it worked?

  6. Your picture conveys the brooding presence of the gargoyle.

  7. This bright color pops out of that pastel brick. I think I would be wondering if he is secured well enough so that he won’t fall off that wall.

  8. Wow! I love the colors in this. And I love gargoyles too.

  9. Excellent shot, Madelaine! You shot his at such an interesting angle. And your processing is pretty cool, too!

  10. Great picture. My husband has got to see every Gargoyle when we’re in a city. This is a great capture.

  11. Oh, this is great – love weird things like this, especially if he works for us girls! 🙂 Too cool the way he perches off this wall (and great texture)!

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