39. Theme 297 ~Spelling Errers~

COCKTALLS?  This is so funny…..I noticed the spelling error on this sign something like 10 years ago.  No matter who I pointed it out to, they had never noticed that it was misspelled.  I just added it the ever growing list of useless information I’d accumulated, never thinking I would have a use for it.  It turns out it wasn’t useless after all!  Thanks Julie!  By the way, the restaurant has been there for almost 60 years!

Spelling Errors

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  1. spelling errers. hahaha that’s just hilarious! nicely done…and great find for the theme…good one.

  2. Love the effect you used here and the way you cropped the restaurant name, Madelaine. Gee, I’m glad to give you a theme to match your spelling error… 😉

  3. Great photo. Very observant to notice that! Love the colors.

  4. Great story and a wonderful shot, tons of detail. l love neon.

  5. This is great. I don’t ever recollect a spelling error on a pre-fabricated neon sign.

  6. I love the color in this photo – and the humor!

  7. Greta sign for the theme, great colors and details in the photo.

  8. Great find for the theme and a great shot! But I have a feeling it’s only a spelling error during the day. If you look closely you can see there’s no reflecting metal channel behind part of the first “L” so at night it probably looks like an “i”.

  9. Great colors in the photo. Looks like a fun place!!

  10. How funny! I love the color and juxtaposition of all the random stuff in the bottom portion of the photo. And to think that just a little black paint on the neon tube could turn that “l” into an “i” and the spelling would be correct.

  11. Looks like a wild place. The colors are great in this image.

  12. Nice find! Love the processing.

  13. The owners may not have noticed until after the sign was hung, and then, expense-wise, it was too late. But it is funny. Like the color composition.

  14. Too funny, I bet people are kicking themselves after they notice the errors! Great image – love all the detail (topaz adjust??)~ NICE!

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