37. Theme 222 ~Painted~

Hand painted to be precise!


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  1. Great find. The colors are very eye-catching.

  2. It is a very nice shot, an echo of Julie’s comment to be sure to view large. It looks like it must have taken a long time and shows skill(especially if it were moving ;-))

  3. Nice shot. You did well at composing for the color. Now, as for the “artist” I’ll be really impressed if the train was moving when they painted it…

  4. The colors in this are pretty. There is a lot of time and effort put into graffiti. Too bad it is so destructive. You took a great photo.

  5. The thing of it is, it is graffiti which is unlawfully placed on another’s property and should leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, yet some of the best artists are into this genre. The artist is obviously talented, but like Ron, I’m not into this type of stuff. You did a good job with this shot, however.

  6. Sorry Madelaine it is a good photo but my hackles come up at the sight of grafitti, guess I am just not arty enough to ever appreciate it. Prefer the rusty old Freight car.

  7. Wonderful shot. The colors work for me but I think it’s the contradictory nature of the sweet pastels against the industrial background that helps make it work.

  8. I love it… I like the colors and don’t agree with Donna. I like the “Spring” colors! Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking.

  9. artistically painted but the Easter colours don’t do it justice in my humble opinion.

  10. Wow! Tammy’s right – the enlarged view shows every detail. What a nice piece of urban art…

  11. That show real talent, I think you have to enlarge it to see just how beautiful it is! Nice find, Madelaine!

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