36. Theme 266 ~Rusted~

Not too much to say about this photo other than it’s rusty!


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  1. Not sure what it is but it sure is rusty!! Nice color.

  2. Thanks for all your kind comments! To answer the question as to what it is….I have absolutely no idea!
    LOL I took it while I was roaming through the train yards. It’s on a post not attached to anything so I’m guessing at one time it had to do with trains but I’m not sure! Sorry! I’m kind of curious also!

  3. Interesting something-or-other! I love rusty things…

  4. I don’t have a clue what it is either, but you sure made it look purdy!

  5. It is a wonderful shot,not sure why rusty things are so appealing but they sure are. Add me to the chorus of ‘what is that’.

  6. Wonderful – I love shots of rusty stuff.

  7. I like the way the rusty color shows up against the blue sky – great eye!

  8. Yep it’s rusty. And yep, I too and wondering, “what is it?”.

  9. Love the texture and contrast against the blue sky – but I’m stumped, too. What is it?

  10. Definitely rusty and looks wonderful, but what is it?

  11. All that rust looks great against the blue sky. But what is it? Great shot!

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