34. Theme 260 ~Rest in Peace~

The cemetery where these head stones are dates back to 1793 when the church it’s associated with was moved from its previous location where it was first erected in 1768.  The present church was built with stone from the original building and has survived without any major alteration.  Some of the head stones are from the 1700’s and are AMAZING,  but I’ve chosen these because they are relatively easy to read.Rest in Peace

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  1. Wonderful warm shot. Lot of character in that old cemetary.

  2. 1700s–how neat! Love cemetery walks…such interesting headstones and grave sites…I’ve often noticed in the one that I go to, that a lot of “residents” were rarely above the age of 40. Definitely puts things into perspective out there.

  3. A solemn picture that captures enduring love.

  4. Beautiful photo of these headstones – the snow that is impacted on them adds to the beauty. Nice choice to see them side by side and read the inscriptions.

  5. Gorgeous capture of these stones, Madelaine. You’ve captured all the texture and detail so well…

  6. I spend a lot of time in old cemeteries as a result of my love for genealogy. They don’t make the old headstones like they used to, do they? Very nice shot.

  7. You did get a wonderful amount of detail and texture, the perspective is great too.

  8. I love the level of detail you have managed to capture in this photo.

  9. These are beautiful and I really like the composition and the angle in which you took this.

  10. very nice, i love those old cemetaries. always wish we could hear the stories they have to tell.

  11. This is a beautiful shot and I love your processing! Such beautiful craftmanship on the headstones.

  12. Nice shot and good choice of headstones. Looks like you had a good day to shoot this as well, with the bright light and shadows in the background.

  13. Very cool – looks like they have had a bunch of repairs! Nice!

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