31. Theme 58 ~Coin Operated~

…. at the laundromat of course!

Coin Operated

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  1. LOL Julie! Karen snagged my idea of using parking meters!!! Sorry about that!

  2. These machines take lots of coins these days! Good photo for the theme.

  3. You snagged my idea! I was looking in the phone book yesterday to try and figure out whether we had any laundromats in the area. I’ll just have to capture a different angle on it! 😉

    Great shot, Madelaine!

  4. I love this shot! You’ve done a great job composing and capturing the coin slots. I can never seem to get shiny metal things to photograph well.

  5. Great shot Madelaine but the last coin operated machine I saw was in a mens room and they frown on cameras in there, and a graffiti artist had written next to a certain dispensing machine. “This is the worst Chewing Gum I have ever tasted – But it lasts forever” – Go tell.

  6. Oh I don’t want to go back to one of those! When we had our apt the machine in the basement used to eat quarters like mad! we would end up spending so much on one load that I convinced my DH that it was cheaper to send the laundry out (he didn’t have a clue how much THAT cost) ahh the good ol days!

  7. Ah yes….hopefully you can find a machine that doesn’t either swallow your quarters or have a coin slot that’s jammed up. Spend too much time in the summers at these things (on long road trips, have to wash clothes somewhere)! Nice take on the theme.

  8. Oh no Tammy, I remember those days and I empathize with you!

  9. I might be there today….my washing machine broke last night, sigh….

    Great image for the theme, you did good!

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