29. Theme 252 ~Reading Material~

I love this magazine!  There are so many things that have been found that alters today’s modern theories.  For example, on a rock in northwest Australia’s Kimberly region, they’ve found paintings of 11,000 year-old mouthless faces of  ‘rain spirits’ called Wandjinas. 11,000 years old…I find that amazing!  (Do you know anything about that Ron?)  Or that in Spain,  they’ve found evidence that  humans arrived in Europe about 1.2 million years ago, 500,000 years earlier than what they had believed!  Fascinating!   Anyway, HERE is a link to the magazine if you’d like to check it out.

Reading Material

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  1. Great composition and the color is very eye-catching.

  2. Great shot and so informative!

  3. Where would we be without magazines, maybe Sally would talk to me instead of yelling “Find somewhere to put those things” Nice arrangement.

  4. Wonderful shot, Madelaine. Sounds like an interesting magazine………

  5. I have read your post and seen the artwork. I liked the same and would like to revisit your website.

    If you like short stories and paintings, then a visit to my blogs would be an interesting one for you.

    Naval Langa

    Another Interesting Blog

  6. Madelaine, great presentation and colors!

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