28. Theme 138 ~Handicraft~

This is a pretty amusing story.  After mastering the art of knitting scarves & blankets (boring!), I decided to knit a sweater as a baby gift for a friend.  In my zeal to get started, I neglected to check the gauge, weight of the yarn and the needle size, so by the time I finished, it was so small it would never fit the baby!  I was sooooo disappointed!!  So I bought a gift and loved the sweater, mistakes and all, so much that I saved it.  I’ve since learned to triple check the instructions so you can be sure that never happened again!  :  )Handicraft

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  1. It really is lovely and well shot.

  2. The sweater is wonderful, even if it’s too small for a baby!

  3. it’s adorable and what an ingenious way to be able to keep it! jk! ; )

  4. It’s a beautiful sweater!!! I know what you mean. I’ve started knitting with looms just before Xmas and I’ve attempted so many things only to have the same disappointment. Maybe it would fit a doll.

  5. That little sweater is so cute. You did a great job of photographing it.

  6. What a lovely little sweater! I don’t have kids and am constantly amazed at how tiny the clothes are, should I see some in a department store.

  7. I love that you kept it, I’d buy a great beautiful teddy bear and put the sweater on it! it is gorgeous I am jealous I can only crochet I’ll have to post a blanket I made a few years ago

  8. What a lovely sweater! As Jo said, I would get a nice doll to put it on for display. (At least the doll won’t spit up on it!)

  9. You must have been pretty disappointed when you realized it wasn’t going to fit the baby! Nice that you’ve kept it as a constant reminder to check and double check your gauge!

  10. Well there are always doll clothes, LOL. It s looks like a great job though. Everything I have ever knitted is like one long scarf. You at least learned something and made a valid attempt.

  11. It is a beautiful sweater and nice to keep your first one – you need to find a preemie baby – heard octuplets were born in CA…..Great picture for the theme!

  12. Put it on a babydoll and show it off!

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