14. Theme 167 ~Laundry~

Finally! I knew these washboards would come in handy one day if I waited long enough!  For some odd reason that escapes me now, I collected washboards.  I know,  washboards???  Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!   Those and a few other things which will probably find their way to the “Blogmonster”.  So I decided to decorate the walls of my laundry room with them.  They come from estate sales, flea markets & yard sales. The toy wringer washing machine sitting on top of the dryer was an estate sale find and fit in so well with the theme I couldn’t resist!   Now, after all that……anyone want to buy a washboard?Laundry


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  1. I’d be doing laundry every day in a beautifully decorated room like that! Lovely photo and wonderful collection you have…I really like all the different sizes and your toy wringer too!

  2. That’s abotu the coolest wash room decoration I’ve ever seen. Great photo, too!

  3. I love this!!

  4. This is really fun – both as a decorating concept and a photo! Looks like an “After” shot from an HGTV show. 😀

  5. Super composition in this photo – and I love the toy washer! What a neat collection…

  6. Love the composition here with the large and small sizes.

  7. Thanks so much for your positive comments. I just want to say that the room is messy (cropped it out) LOL &
    it’s small. Amazing thing photography!

  8. What a fun collection! They make an excellent pattern on the wall.

  9. ok that is a great collection I am still in awe at the organization of the room – mine is wall to wall clothes and then the clothes spill outside the room! beautiful shot

  10. What a beautiful laundry room. Ours is so small and cluttered. Nice image.

  11. Gosh, that brings back memories. I spent a lot of time at my Grandmother’s when I was a small child and I remember her using a washboard!

  12. Great collection. Perfect for the theme.

  13. Great collection! Your arrangement of them on the wall makes for a great photo for the theme.

  14. Nice collection!! Great match for the theme.

  15. Yeah I have abs that look like that.
    What a fantastic treatment of this theme, Are they all yours and well used? Hee Hee

  16. This is a super photo for the theme! I love your decor!!!

  17. Wow so creative, I only have one, and its prob a repro, but I love your collection. Great shot.

  18. What a great collection! Good photo also!

  19. I love your collection. The arrangement ( and in the laundry room!) is attractive and clever. Creative!

  20. This makes for a really neat laundry room – creative idea! I love seeing what others do to decorate (part of the reason I got into real estate many moons ago)…Unique picture for the theme, nice Madelaine!

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