9. Theme 126 ~Mural~

This amazing mural is on a wall in a Post Office. It was painted in 1937 by artist Thomas Donnelly under a program started by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression called the Works Progress Administration.  More info on the WPA Artist’s Project is  HERE if you’re interested or HERE to see if there are any WPA projects in your area. I noticed this mural on several occasions and when I asked the Postmaster if I could photograph it, he explained a bit about it.  It’s actually oil on canvas that’s affixed to the wall.  It’s obviously of the George Washington Bridge and a very different looking New York skyline.  If you noticed there’s no lower level, well that’s because the lower level wasn’t built and opened until 1962. (It is wittily named Martha!)WPA Mural

Click here for a larger view

Used with the permission of the United States Postal Service®. All rights reserved.


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  1. My husband and I were just talking recently about the WPA and it’s depression-era projects. I’m going to go check out your link now. Thanks, Madelaine!

    (Good for you for seeking permission and giving credit to the Postal Service…)

  2. Another swell shot and story.

  3. Nice. I even like the surveillance camera at the left. 🙂

    And I had no idea that “Martha” came later.

  4. Thanks Ron. I’ve always thought it was beautiful but had no reason to photograph it until now. I think there are many things I’m going to find like that.

  5. Great shot of a great Mural, is it something you have seen often but only photographed now due to the challenge. I only ask as I have found myself in that position often recently.

  6. How fun for me to see this today. I went to a luncheon yesterday and our speaker talked about the PO murals in Arkansas. She showed slides and gave us a history of them! Just like your story!!! Great shot!

  7. History is very interesting, nice match with the theme and a great shot.

  8. Interesting history behind this painting – a beautiful painting at that. Thanks for sharing!

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