10. Theme 154 ~Humor~

Ralph & Alice & Ed & Trixie, no matter how many times I see the re-runs, I still laugh.  Looking at them now, I’m smiling!  New Year’s Day one of our local channels had a ‘Honeymooners’  marathon.  A fun way to start the New Year!  It was great!   I do have to admit that there was a short time I was thinking of  ‘Family Guy’ which I find hysterical, but then I came to my senses and went for the classic.  “One of these days Alice, bang, zoom to the moon”    Ed Norton & Ralph Kramden


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  1. another nice post. thank you.

  2. Great shot for this theme!

  3. always makes me laugh!
    good choice

  4. Ole fashioned humor is the best. Even Saturday Night Live has forgotten what real humor is about. I guess that’s progress. Good pick.

  5. I love all those old comedies, my favorite has to be Lucy though. Great idea for the theme and fun image!

  6. Bang Zoom to the Moon Alice!

  7. I always loved that show!! Great pick for this theme.

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