7. Theme 282 ~Sign, Everywhere a Sign~

I passed these signs quite often before I even realized they were there.  Actually, I didn’t see the No Parking sign until I took this photo!  Hidden is right!


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  1. Boy, I’ll say it’s hidden! Nice find, and nice photo!

  2. Don’t you just love the irony! tee hee!

  3. That’s really clever how the signs are hidden. Great pic!

  4. Great catch! How could you possibly get a parking ticket there?

  5. Perfect!!!!

  6. Nothing better than truth in afvertising I always say. Great photo. Madcap by Name Madcap by Nature (Me too)

  7. Hidden is right!! Nicely done photograph.

  8. Cute! What’s the point of a hidden sign about a hidden driveway? Nice shot.

  9. I like the tones in your photo a lot. Good catch!

  10. How funny!

  11. I wonder how many people park there?? Great eye and great find, Madelaine!

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