6. Theme 4 ~A Pair of….

Pair of Aces


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  1. These almost look as if they’re made out of marble! Great effect!!!

  2. Great shot! The vibrant colors and focus really make the cards pop.

  3. There is a feel like these cards should be used for a magic trick, I like this a lot.

  4. Those graphics jump right out of the misty feel of the cards….

  5. Interesting shot–the cards look as though they were made of porcelain.

  6. Very nice! I like the slight soft-focus look.

  7. I agree with Candy, if this image is an indication of your “luck”, I’d be leaving for Vegas right about now!! Nice!

  8. wow the cards have almost an acrylic feel to them! NOw if I were you I’d go to Vegas!!

  9. I like the vibrance of this. And wouldn’t mind having that in my hand, either. 😉

  10. Very nice, crystal clear and totally appropriate 🙂

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