1. Theme 48 ~Childhood Favorite~

“But father, I’m alive.  See?  And I’m real, I’m a real boy!”

Childhood Favorite


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  1. I like your angle of view here as it makes the scene really interesting. I enjoyed this story as well as a child and as an adult I love all the wonderful quotes from it.

  2. Trying to catch up, this is indeed fabulous, the DOF really does give it a nostalgic feel, well done!

  3. These are adorable! I can see why he was a childhood favourite…Great shot!

  4. Very nice I remember Pinocchio so well. Nice shot!

  5. Great shot.. I really like the colors and the interesting view you took on the subject.

  6. What gorgeous toys. And a great shot!

    Happy New 2009. 🙂

  7. This is a great shot! And not nearly as scary as a freaky nutcracker I have hidden in the back of my closet! 😉

  8. These little guys are a great start to your new year of photography. They do look like they were enjoyed…little paint chips missing.

  9. Very nice!

  10. Nice one Madelaine – lovely photo, really like the DOF.


    PS – Really like your watermark as well!

  11. Very nice!

  12. Love the “guys”. They look like they had a good time growing up with you. Beautiful photograph.

  13. Madelaine, you’ve photographed this so well – beautiful composition, fantastic color, great depth of field. Oh, this is going to be a fun year!

  14. Love this, Madelaine! Compostition and colors are wonderful. Great start to the challenge!

  15. Very nice choice, beautiful colour.

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