Welcome!  I’m participating in an international, themed Photo Challenge which requires members to post 365 photos for the year 2009.  Does that sound crazy???  Maybe, but I hope to challenge myself, improve my skills, fine-tune my perspective and expand my creativity all at the same time!  Hmmmm…..maybe I AM crazy!  Anyway, you’ll find links to the other photographers on the right.

If you’re curious about the photo subjects, check out the themes section. The themes are just that, the final results are the artists personal interpretation. Each photographer also has 52 free themes that can be used in place of the posted ones.  You’ll find quite a few different styles of photographs at Shadows & Light…some humorous, some artistic & some theme specific. My hope is that you’ll see some of the different styles of my photography.

You can click on a photo if you’d like to enlarge it.

If you are interested in a particular photo, please contact me.

View the slideshow for some additional pictures and feel free to leave a comment.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your Shadows & Light visit and please don’t forget to sign the guest book!

December 31, 2009 – The End!!!!

You can find my 2010 Photowalk Blog HERE, my 2011 Photo Challenge HERE and my 2012 site HERE.

Happy New Year!

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365. My Own Theme 48 ~Pathway~

I’m imagining this pathway leads to the beginning of a fabulous, creative photo journey through 2010.

Congratulations to everyone who began the Challenge and to those who completed the Challenge.  It was a  laborious undertaking and just beginning it was a significant accomplishment.

I’ve learned so much this past year and want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments.  I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s awesome postings each day even though I wasn’t able to comment on them toward the end.  It was evident how far everyone came in their photography.  I’ve ‘met’ so many kind and generous people and think how fortunate I was to have been able to interact with all of you.

I’m looking forward to our new, less stressful  challenge.

Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and a wonderful walk through 2010!

364. My Own Theme 47 ~Weary~

I got my computer back!  All cleaned up and spiffy! lol  Just in time too.  : )

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363. Theme 280 ~Shopping~

Special thanks to my neighbor for letting me use his computer to post today~

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362. Theme 12 ~Antique~

This is one of the wooden escalators at Macy’s New York. They date back to the store’s opening in 1902 and are believed to be the only still-operating, wooden escalators in NYC.  They are VERY cool!

361. Theme 136 ~Hair~

360. Theme 130 ~Hands~

So, Santa brought me a wonderful computer virus for Christmas!  I can’t access any programs or applications, including Photoshop : (   and it’s hit or miss if and when I can post.  Luckily I can get on the internet using Firefox but windows and IE are shot. And with only 5 days left for goodness sake!!!  If I have signed and processed photos, I’ll post them if my computer will let me.  It’s going in to be fixed on Monday….hopefully it’s not that complicated. Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

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359. My Own Theme 46 ~Playground Rehash~

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358. My Own Theme 45 ~The Winners~

357. My Own Theme 44 ~Automobile~

356. Theme 268 ~School~

Built in 1872, this school is believed to be the fifth one erected on Paramus Reformed Church ground. From 1730 to the 1870s, education was carried on by the church. Rented to Ridgewood Township, it became District School No. 45 from the 1870s to 1905. Since April 23, 1955 it has housed the museum of the Paramus Historical and Preservation Society.